"Deepen the relationship with your
 body, mind & spirit
by invoking the Shakti within you"

Unleash these Secrets in the Masterclass

Balance hormones, learn Ayurvedic self-care & live life full of energy & in harmony with nature.

Be stress-free & awaken your full potential  through mindfulness meditation techniques  

Manifest your desires by connecting with "The Source" through Sri Vidhya and kundalini awakening

Body & Ayurveda

  • Understand the history of Ayurveda to know about the "Science" of life. Know your Dosha and how to balance the elements.Know the tastes, foods & recipes that are aligned with your Dosha
  • Get insights of Ayurvedic wisdom into your daily routine that is important in your life. Practice the Seasonal remedies for detoxification. Understand the root cause of hormonal imbalance

  • Clear your Womb for Yoni healing. Energize the Auras, Chakras & Koshas and release your deep rooted traumas
  • Practice breath work, Marma & Nadi massage, and subtle energy work to balance mind, body, and sprit.

Mind & Mindfulness

  • Learn about stress & chronic health conditions, and develop skills to cultivate a different relationship to stress.  
  • Use mindfulness to access your consciousness with guided meditation practices. comparative study of Shiva and silence and stillness.
  • Somatic body-based meditation techniques to release trauma and visualizations to access your higher self alongside going deeper into the Shiva consciousness by learning the Shiva sutra.
  • Gentle movement & yoga to get your rhythm going - reducing the dept of being to embody the depth of our being. embody the truth of your being.
  •  Learn to live with gratitude  
  • Inquiry-based reflective & practical exercises to   understand yourself and your purpose

Spirit & SriVidya

  • Learn about the lineage of SriVidhya, history of   tantra.

  •  Practice Mantras and the power of sound
  •   Cleanse and activate the energy centers and   chakras  
  • Draw Sri Yantra and get a deeper understanding of   the cosmos

  •   Learn certain types of ritual practices to invoke the   god and goddesses
  •   Increase your magnetism to manifest your desires 

  •  Recognize the divine in yourself and become divine

Mukta truly wishes all to access her true power as a woman. In this series, She will guide you towards the changemaker you are meant to be now. Her true desire is for you to live a life with calm resolve, peace and well being now. The work guides one through healing the body with Ayurveda. She will introduce the beauty of the present moment using Mindfulness as a focus and techniques to broaden your perspective. The sweet nurturing and embrace of the Divine feminine through ritual and chanting meditation will quickly reveal the feeling of connection to All and often euphoria. I am delighted to endorse Mukta and this wonderful series for you to learn to heal, savour and embrace your beautiful life.

Patricia Aboud

Mukta is an amazing spiritual teacher, Sri Vidya adept and specializes in differetnt healing modalities like Ayuverda and Acmos Method of distance healing which was very effective. She helped my son with a chronic condition of pediatric neuropsychiatric syndrome. Very grateful for her depth of knowledge and energy transmission.

Alax Haven